Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does WeTek Play support Clock Work MOD or TWRP recovery?

    Yes, WeTek Play support both of those recoveries. You can download them directly from our forum located at http://www.wetekforums.com

  • Can I keep both, Android and Linux XBMC or OpenELEC at WeTek Play?

    Sure, WeTek Play support booting of Linux XBMC or OpenELEC directly from Micro SD card, so you are safe. You can always keep WeTek Android running from NAND Flash, while, Linux XBMC or OpenELEC you can run directly from Micro SD.

  • Does WeTek Play support widgets on WeTek Launcher?

    No, WeTek Launcher currently not support any Android widget. We are working on new, more intuitive launcher. Anyway, you can always install any 3-rd party Android Launcher such as Nova Launcher, directly from Google Play.

  • How can I download Android applications on WeTek Play?

    Answer is simple. WeTek Play is officially Google Supported device, which means that it comes with pre-loaded Google apps such as Google Play, so you can easily download and install any application or game directly from Google Play .

  • How to reset my WeTek Play?

    If you want to reset your WeTek Play for some reason, simply go to Android settings and then choose Backup & Reset - Factory data reset - Reset device. After this steps are completed, your WeTek Play will be returned to factory state. If WeTek Play is already activated, there is no need to activate it twice, just use your WeTek Membership credentials to log-in in WeTek Services.

  • Is it possible to expand usability of WeTek?

    WeTek is based on Android OS, but It is possible to make easy adaptation of custom Android ROM's or also enjoy Linux XBMC ecosystem with hardware decoding of Audio and Video from which users can enjoy Multimedia and TV channels (Only available in some models).

  • How big is the storage space?

    WeTek Play is equipped with NAND Flash with capacity of 4 GB. However, some of this space is used to load WeTek Android and all applications, so in reality you will have something arround 1 GB of free space for additional applications.

  • How to do hook up USB wireless keyboard and or mouse to WeTek Play?

    Simply plug in the USB dongle that comes with your wireless USB keyboard or mouse into one of the three USB ports on the WeTek Play. You do not need to do anything more, your USB device should begin working once you have plugged in your USB device.

  • What webcam can work on WeTek Play?

    All standard USB PC compatible cameras should work on your WeTek Play.

  • Can I browse the internet with WeTek Play?

    Sure, you can. Internet browsing is possible directly from WeTek Play. Simply click on Browser Icon or Google Chrome and there you start.

  • What applications does it have?

    WeTek Play comes with some applications preloaded in WeTek Android software. Anyway, WeTek Play is Google GMS certified device, so you can simply download almost any application directly from Play Store.

  • What can be watched with WeTek Play?

    You can use WeTek Play as multimedia center, so you can watch IPTVs, stream videos, music or movies on your TV. You can now use your TV to post on social networks or video calls. WeTek Play can be used as bridge for your TV and mobile phone, or other smart devices, so you can stream content from other devices to your TV.

  • How does WeTek Play works?

    WeTek Play works by connecting to the internet through your home network, ethernet or wireless, then by connecting it to your HDTV through an HDMI cable.

  • What is WeTek Play?

    It's a powerful android based entertainment box, in some version with tuner, that connects your TV to the world and takes your home entertainment system to a new level. Watch TV, browse the internet, watch online movies, TV shows, play games, post to your favorite social sites and listen to music.